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Re: wiki wrangler volunteer, fedbot questions

On Fri, 12 Jun 2009 23:14:22 -0700
Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:

> Hey, I just caught up on the minutes from today's meeting.
> First, I noticed that the minutes weren't automatically in a Fedora
> domain.  Do we manually move them to the wiki?
> http://www.scrye.com/~kevin/fedora/fedora-meeting/2009/fedora-meeting.2009-06-12-21.00.log.html

Yes, the bot cannot currently post to the wiki, but the author of the
plugin is looking into how to do that. 

Note that I have also been rsyncing all the data to my fedorapeople
space as well. 


Also, I am probibly going to package up the plugin and once it's
packaged we can add it to zodbot, which can write to some normal
fedoraproject.org space. 

> Second, I saw the call for EPEL wiki wrangling, and I would like to do
> that.  Help needed, but I can outline a good plan for:
> * Page renaming
> * Content moving
> * Organization
> ... then execute that plan ongoing.

Awesome. ;) 

> To start with, I wanted to get us a few things:
> * Task list
> * Upcoming meeting agenda

Yeah, I made a note to send out a adgenda on thursday for a friday
meeting. Having a wiki page to collect items would be great. ;) 

Also to add to the wiki list: 

* change to use Categories, not the old nested namespace. 

> Are those generated somehow by fedbot? Or do I just pull them from the
> highlighted text visible in the IRC log?

It watches the meeting channel and pulls them in when someone says
#action. See: 
for the full list of current commands. 

> thx - Karsten


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