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Re: Fedora EPEL Package Build Report 2009-03-01

Dennis Gilmore wrote:
On Monday 02 March 2009 06:08:25 am Rahul Sundaram wrote:
buildsys fedoraproject org wrote:
NEW rhnpush-0.4.5-1.el5 : Package uploader for the Red Hat Network
Satellite Server
Are you sure you want this in EPEL? IIRC this would conflict if a EPEL
user tries to install RHN satellite.

Yes, its part of spacewalk. If your using a supported Satellite box you have only satellite running on it. there is a goal to get all of spacewalk into Fedora/EPEL. which will mean you cant enable EPEL on Satellite boxes. however i really dont know why you would. the resources needed by satellite mean that your not going to run satellite on a multi use box.

Oh, ideally you wouldn't but customers do that and I suspect there are people with CentOS + EPEL boxes doing similar things. EPEL FAQ claims that EPEL should not conflict with layered products. If that is not the case, we need a documentation change as well and clarification of the current policy.


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