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Re: requirements based on application version

Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
On 03/24/2009 01:38 AM, Adam Stokes wrote:
In my case python 2.4 requires an external package 'python-sqlite2'
for the 2.0 api for sqlite3, whereas python 2.5+ provide this without
the need for that extra requirement.

My question is what is normally done about this when someone has to
provide a package for both fedora(python 2.5+) and epel(python 2.4)?
Is it proper to define this within the spec file?
yes of course.
if 0%rhel
do stuff
do other stuff

*use proper syntax

The problem is that then makes the spec files very distro specific.
In some cases virtual provides take care of it - making

requires: language-module

redundant. The RPM macros will detect that it is required, and take care of it - but unfortunately that doesn't always work. It works a lot better in recent versions of RPM than it use to though.

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