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stable pushes in the bodhi world


In the EPEL meeting today (yes, we had one finally!) the question came
up of how often we would want to do stable pushes after we have gotten
koji and bodhi all working for EPEL. 


- Maintainers build and their packages go to testing. 
- After (loosely) 1 month, the package is just moved to stable unless
  the maintainer specifically tells the signers not to push it. 

Note that this doesn't mean it's gotten any testing or is really
'stable', it just means no one yelled that was using testing. ;) 
Or at least not loud enough to stop it. 

Moving forward: 

- Maintainer will build and request testing for their package. 
- Testers can provide karma/comments. 
- At some point the maintainer decides based on these that the package
  is stable and stable is requested. 
- Signers push the stable updates. 

There are a number of questions here: 

1. How often should stable pushes be done by signers: 
a) monthly just as it is now. 
b) weekly 
c) more often

With a) we have the advantage of a specific time that folks expect
stable updates to appear, but we also have known stable packages
waiting in testing that could be in stable. 

With b) we lessen the wait time, but increase the times people expect

With c) the wait time is very low, but no one knows when stable updates
will appear. 

2. Should we require some level of bodhi feedback to push something to
stable? If we can't find a few people to +1 an update should it just
stay in testing until it gets the needed karma? The bad side here is
that if we don't have enough people testing, some stable software will
languish in testing. 

Input on these questions welcome, they need to be decided before
koji/bodhi go live for epel. 


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