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Re: Plan for today's EPEL meeting - 2009-10-30

On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 10:22:03AM -0600, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Here's the topic list for todays EPEL meeting, which will take
> place at 21:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net. 
> - Status update on action items
>    - smooge: Blocking packages already in RHEL
> - Fuse for 5.4 status
> - Wiki page love?
> - Open Floor
> If there is something else that folks would like to discuss, please
> followup to this email or mention it in the Open Floor section of the
> meeting at the end. Hope to see everyone there!

Quick update on fuse packages.

Packages already branched for EL-4 or EL-5:

Package                   Owner
------------------------  --------
afpfs-ng                  lkundrak
bindfs                    till
funionfs                  limb
fuse-afp                  lkundrak
fuse-devel                peter
fuse-encfs                peter
fuse-libs                 peter
fuse-python               peter
fuse-sshfs                peter
glusterfs-common          thias
uml_utilities             pwouters

Packages not yet branched for EPEL:

Package                   Owner
------------------------- -------------
afuse                     spot
barry                     quantumburnz
compiz                    krh
curlftpfs                 anderson
FUR                       abompard
fusecompress              lkundrak
fusecompress_offline1     toshio
fuse-convmvfs             hellwolf
fuseiso                   spot
fuse-smb                  szpak
fuse-zip                  rakesh
gvfs-fuse                 tbzatek
ifuse                     pbrobinson
ltspfs                    wtogami
obexfs                    rathann
wdfs                      ajax
zfs-fuse                  donv

We could either send out another email to package owners or file bz
tickets requesting branching or do nothing and just keep an eye on


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