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building kernel module for disabled module?


I would like to bring coda into EPEL. This is the userspace support
necessary to run the Coda distributed filesystem. All the necessary
kernel support is upstream and has been for years. There is already a
Fedora package, and since the Fedora kernels build the coda module, all
is well.

The EL kernels do not build the coda module. I have a bug open for this:

But in the mean time, I wonder if it is possible to use DKMS to build
the module from the EL kernel source. The code is in there, it is simply
disabled. The coda module is a simple, clean filesystem module.

DKMS is in EPEL already. It is made exactly for this purpose, building
modules that are in some kernel tree. It avoids building modules if your
system already has them (if the kernel is updated, for example).

Is there anything sufficiently wrong with doing this?



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