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Re: "newer packages"

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 11:45 AM, BJ Dierkes
<wdierkes 5dollarwhitebox org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I find it interesting that this thread come up like this, as I have just
> launched a project that fits this requirement exactly (or almost exactly).
>  Please check out the IUS Community Project:
>        http://iuscommunity.org
> This is a project I started due to the need for newer packages of
> PHP/MySQL/Python/Etc on RHEL.  The project is sponsored by Rackspace Hosting
> (my employer http://www.rackspace.com) and is in fact what we have been
> doing internally for the last 3 years to meet certain customers needs.
> Different from EPEL and RPM Fusion, packages from IUS _explicitly_ do
> replace existing packages in RHEL.  There is an inherent risk in doing so,
> as well as following the upstream stable sources rather than back porting...
> however it serves a very specific audience... people that absolutely need
> the latest versions of software to run their application.
> I haven't added PostGreSQL yet but it is on the list.  Maybe I'll get to
> that today.  Regardless, please check out the project and see what the
> existing package list is here:
>        http://dl.iuscommunity.org/pub/ius/
> Looking for any feedback you might have.
> ---
> derks

Sounds to me that we don't need to duplicate efforts and that those
interested can contribute to the IUS efforts. I know they aren't
accepting packages from the community (yet) but interested parties can
still send in patches and such or I assume a package request using
their launchpad.net instance. Might even be able to expedite the
process if a SPEC and SRPM are included ;)

FAQ: http://iuscommunity.org/wp/?page_id=9

Thanks Derks for the info, we actually just ran into a situation here
at work today where I was going to have to roll my own MySQL 5.1.x and
now I don't have to :)


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