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Re: "newer packages"

On Sep 9, 2009, at 12:08 PM, Adam Miller wrote:
Sounds to me that we don't need to duplicate efforts and that those
interested can contribute to the IUS efforts. I know they aren't
accepting packages from the community (yet) but interested parties can
still send in patches and such or I assume a package request using
their launchpad.net instance. Might even be able to expedite the
process if a SPEC and SRPM are included ;)

Correct, at the moment we aren't opening up the 'buildfarm' we use for community use due to the fact that the project is so new and we want to have a chance to really iron out all the details before anyone can openly submit changes/packages. Though I'm sure with demand we will want to get the project open to community packagers as soon as possible.

One I port all the documentation, it will say [somewhere] something to the effect of "we are attempting to keep the package list small and manageable. We want to avoid disrupting the stability of RHEL as much as possible.. therefore only offering the most commonly requested packages. I.e PHP/MySQL/PostGreSQL/Python/Etc... and not a dozen different versions of net-snmp or other packages that are not as greatly needed worldwide."

FAQ: http://iuscommunity.org/wp/?page_id=9

Thanks Derks for the info, we actually just ran into a situation here
at work today where I was going to have to roll my own MySQL 5.1.x and
now I don't have to :)

That is great to hear!  Let us know if you have any problems with it:


Please note that we are taking a very specific stance on packaging (following upstream sources)... and you'll find throughout the project that we are still promoting the use of EPEL and that IUS is not competing with EPEL or RPM Fusion or the like. In fact our 'ius- release' package requires 'epel-release' because any dependencies will need to be resolved via RHEL or EPEL. IUS is specifically replacing packages in RHEL, something that neither EPEL or RPM Fusion can due based on restrictions (as it should be). This is done in two ways: By 'side-by-side' installs (such as the python26 package) and 'replacement' installs... where you need to remove the RHEL package and replace it with the IUS package (mysql => mysql51). The majority are replacement installs (everything bug python right now).



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