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repoquery fu

Hi all, a bit off topic for the list, but figure some of you out there
are better with repoquery than I.

I'm trying to generate a list of packages needing fuse so I can contact
the authors (already have a script written to pull contact info from
pkgdb/fas2 based on a package name).

Originally I was using:

  repoquery -q --repoid=fedora --repoid=updates -q --queryformat \
    '%{NAME}' --whatrequires fuse

This generates a nice list, but unfortunately includes subpackage, eg
gvfs-fuse.  A query for gvfs-fuse against pkgdb fails because it's
actually a subpackage provided by gvfs.

I could also generate my list by querying against the source for things
that require fuse-devel.  This pulls in a whole slew of other packages
however that I don't really care about (like compiz).

Ideally I'd like to be able to list out the subpackages that depend on
fuse and identify what the parent package is that they are a subpackage
of.  I can then use the parent package to get the owner information
from pkgdb and fas2..

Anyone have stronger repoquery magic than I? :)


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