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Re: package maintainer without a package

I have been following EPEL for a while, but am yet to become a maintainer of anything. I would suggest submitting patches for the package via bugzilla which makes it easier for the current maintainers to implement the changes you want/need specifically. Any feedback you provide be it for changes, or verification of testing you've done makes you more than 'just a helper' and is appreciated by everyone.

I would suggest setting up an account via the FAS (Fedora Account System). This allows you to gain access to certain things like Fedora Hosted Trac pages, etc allowing you to contribute to any of the applications written/maintained by Fedora.


On Sep 18, 2009, at 3:10 PM, Christopher wrote:


 I've been using a few minor packages from EPEL (like clamav) for a
while. Now I am about to start using a package that we rely heavily on
(Sun gridengine) so I would like to help maintain the EPEL gridengine
package to keep it current.  I've read through most of the Fedora
maintainer documentation.  One of the steps was to add a package to
bugzilla for review. What if you do not have a package? Can I be "just a helper" without being an owner of any packages? Specifically I would
like to help get the current gridengine 6.2u2_1 into the koji EPEL
system (assuming that this is OK with the current owner) and fix the
couple build problems I ran into locally.

I couldn't find an answer in the fedora project wiki.  Should I just
start the process of getting an account for koji and see what happens?
Any other pointers?

Christopher McCrory
"The guy that keeps the servers running"

chrismcc pricegrabber com

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no 'mute rays.' And even if there were, waxed paper is
no defense.  I tried it.  Only tinfoil works.

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