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Re: gridengine in EPEL


On Fri, 2009-09-18 at 21:16 -0600, Orion Poplawski wrote:
> On Fri, September 18, 2009 2:10 pm, Christopher wrote:
> > Hello...
> >
> >   I've been using a few minor packages from EPEL (like clamav) for a
> > while.  Now I am about to start using a package that we rely heavily on
> > (Sun gridengine) so I would like to help maintain the EPEL gridengine
> > package to keep it current.
> I'm the current gridengine maintainer.  The problem I face with gridengine
> is that updates (at least for the qmaster) are not "automatic".  Generally
> you want to shut down the server, back up the database, install the
> update, run an update script that may or may not work, and then start it
> up.  This generally doesn't lend itself well to RPM updates.
> The way I've been handling gridengine in Fedora is to put the most recent
> version into each new Fedora release, figuring people are prepared for
> changes going from one release to another.

makes sense.

> It might make sense to sync similarly with EL point releases (5.3 -> 5.4),
> but it doesn't seem like EPEL has anyway to do this.  A big failing I
> think at the moment.
> I have no idea if anyone is actually using the gridengine packages in
> fedora.  I have to admit that I personally build the current src.rpm for
> all of the OS versions (CentOS 5.3, Fedora 10 and 11) that we have and
> manage the update manually.
> Help and suggestions welcome.

Cool.  We will probably start using 6.2u3 from your gridengine/devel cvs
area.  I'll send some patches I have for that area dealing with the init

> - Orion
Christopher McCrory
 "The guy that keeps the servers running"
chrismcc pricegrabber com
Let's face it, there's no Hollow Earth, no robots, and
no 'mute rays.' And even if there were, waxed paper is
no defense.  I tried it.  Only tinfoil works.

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