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Request for MongoDB

Hello all,

I'd like to ask this list if anyone is interested in packaging MongoDB for Fedora EPEL. From http://www.mongodb.org/:

The best features of document databases, key/values stores, and RDBMSes in one.

Mongo (from "humongous") is a high-performance, open source, schema- free document-oriented database. MongoDB is written in C++ and offers the following features:

	• Collection oriented storage: easy storage of object/JSON -style data
	• Dynamic queries
	• Full index support, including on inner objects and embedded arrays
	• Query profiling
	• Replication and fail-over support
• Efficient storage of binary data including large objects (e.g. photos and videos)
	• Auto-sharding for cloud-level scalability (currently in alpha)
	• Commercial Support Available

A key goal of MongoDB is to bridge the gap between key/value stores (which are fast and highly scalable) and traditional RDBMS systems (which are deep in functionality).

MongoDB is licensed under the AGPL.

This page has some information about building MongoDB on Fedora: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Building+for+Linux

The debian directory in the source tree contains things like an init.d script, which might be of help: http://github.com/mongodb/mongo/tree/master/debian/

I believe MongoDB would be a very nice addition to Fedora EPEL.


Nils Breunese.

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