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EL-5 comps versus FEL collection

Hello there,

On Fedora, we have a comps group 'electronic-lab' which facilitates
the users' life to install FEL (Fedora Electronic Lab) collection:

# yum groupinstall 'Electronic Lab'

I wish to have a similar comps group for the EPEL-5 branch. Of course,
not all packages under the FEL collection are in EPEL-5 branch due to
compatibility reasons. If you are interested to follow FEL packages
found in Fedora branches and EPEL-5 branch please visit

*  For detailed list with respective versions and build dates:
* FEL-12 Release Notes (EPEL-5 Repository Section)

We already have 42 packages of the FEL collections in EPEL-5
repository. I really want to extend FEL support for the EL
distributions as our userbase is growing and requesting long term

Kind Regards,
Chitlesh Goorah

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