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Biweekly meeting notes - 2010-04-09


Meeting summary

   1. roll call (smooge, 21:06:33)
   2. Change of meeting time to morning (smooge, 21:07:47)
         1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_meeting_channel
(tremble_, 21:11:01)
         2. ACTION: smooge will announce and get input for next
meeting. But I think we will be at 1600 UTC (smooge, 21:14:10)

   3. python26 (smooge, 21:14:48)
   4. RHEL/CentOS update schedule (smooge, 21:21:14)
         1. Soon after an RHEL X.Y update occurs, it is pushed to the
buildroots. So when 5.5 came out the EPEL build system was ready for
it. (smooge, 21:22:12)
         2. When CentOS catches up with X.Y we look for packages that
conflict/missing and remove them or add them to EPEL. (smooge,

   5. bzr updates (smooge, 21:26:06)
   6. Anything else (Open Floor) (smooge, 21:37:59)
   7. Clamav (again....) (smooge, 21:45:05)
         1. http://fedoraproject.org/awstats/mirrors.fedoraproject.org/#urls
(nirik, 21:48:43)

Meeting ended at 21:51:12 UTC (full logs).

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