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RHEL6 beta repos for EPEL buildroots


Currently EPEL-6 builds from two RHEL6 beta repos: 

5.90Server Beta
5.90Server Beta (Optional)

There are however a number more that exist: 

5.90Workstation Beta
5.90Workstation Beta (Optional)
Clustered Storage Beta
High Availability Beta
Large Filesystem Beta
Load Balance Beta

I don't think EPEL should duplicate anything from any of these repos
either, and I think they should also be available to build against. 
Would it be possible to add them to the external repos we build against?

I need the High Availability Beta to build heartbeat. 
There are also others who need packages from workstation: 

Dennis? How possible is this? ;) 

The last 4 above don't have many packages in them. 
Workstation might overlap with Server, but I would think taking the
newer should work. 



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