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Re: Mock for EPEL4 with broken deps for ages

On Mon, 9 Aug 2010 11:51:50 -0600, Kevin wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Aug 2010 14:57:14 +0200
> Michael Schwendt <mschwendt gmail com> wrote:
> > https://bugzilla.redhat.com/550448
> > 
> > Could somebody from the EPEL project leaders please explain this?
> Thats sad. :( 
> I remember long ago using mock on el4, so I don't know when it broke,
> but I am pretty sure it worked at one point. ;( 
> So, yes, we should remove this package or they should fix it to work on
> EL4. It's quite disappointing that they were shipping it broken with
> bug filed all this time. 
> Does it really need python 2.4? 
> Or would something like python-kitchen help?
> I'll ask that on the bug. 

Here's info about the package life-time,

  built on 2009-06-20 (probably when koji was populated for epel)
  but as old as 2007 according to the spec %changelog

and bodhi knows about a version upgrade directly to 1.0.1, introducing
the Python 2.4 dependency five months later:

  mock-1.0.1-1.el4 bugfix update
  Date Released:  	2009-12-01 17:49:47
    Fix creation of root cache tarballs
  Bugs Fixed
    540997 - Intermittent errors creating mock root cache tarball
That's for a Fedora 12 bug report. The proposed final patch replaces just
a few lines.  No EPEL4 specific bugs mentioned. Not even the jump from
0.7.2 to 1.0.1 was warned about.





Hmmm... a clever combination of FAQs.

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