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epel beta report: 20100811 changes

Compose started at Wed Aug 11 23:40:57 UTC 2010

New package diffuse
        Graphical tool for comparing and merging text files
New package freehoo
        Freehoo is a free console based messenger for Yahoo IM Service
New package liblockfile
        This implements a number of functions found in -lmail on SysV systems
New package perl-libwhisker2
        Perl module geared specifically for HTTP testing
New package php-pear-Auth-RADIUS
        Wrapper Classes for the RADIUS PECL
New package php-pecl-xdebug
        PECL package for debugging PHP scripts
Updated Packages:

* Wed Aug 11 2010 Jeffrey C. Ollie <jeff ocjtech us> -
- The following are a few of the issues resolved by community developers:
-  * Send DialPlanComplete as a response, not as a separate event. Otherwise, it
-    goes to all manager sessions and may exclude the current session, if the
-    Events mask excludes it.
-    (Closes issue #17504. Reported, patched by rrb3942)
-  * Allow the "useragent" value to be restored into memory from the realtime
-    backend. This value is purely informational. It does not alter configuration
-    at all.
-    (Closes issue #16029. Reported, patched by Guggemand)
-  * Fix rt(c)p set debug ip taking wrong argument Also clean up some coding
-    errors.
-    (Closes issue #17469. Reported, patched by wdoekes)
-  * Ensure channel placed in meetme in ringing state is properly hung up. An
-    outgoing channel placed in meetme while still ringing which was then hung up
-    would not exit meetme and the channel was not properly destroyed.
-    (Closes issue #15871. Reported, patched by Ivan)
-  * Correct how 100, 200, 300, etc. is said. Also add the crazy British numbers.
-    (Closes issue #16102. Reported, patched by Delvar)
-  * cdr_pgsql does not detect when a table is found. This change adds an ERROR
-    message to let you know when a failure exists to get the columns from the
-    pgsql database, which typically means that the table does not exist.
-    (Closes issue #17478. Reported, patched by kobaz)
-  * Avoid crashing when installing a duplicate translation path with a lower
-    cost.
-    (Closes issue #17092. Reported, patched by moy)
-  * Add missing handling for ringing state for use with queue empty options.
-    (Closes issue #17471. Reported, patched by jazzy)
-  * Fix reporting estimated queue hold time. Just say the number of seconds
-    (after minutes) rather than doing some incorrect calculation with respect to
-    minutes.
-    (Closes issue #17498. Reported, patched by corruptor)
- For a full list of changes in the current release, please see the
- ChangeLog:
- http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/asterisk/ChangeLog-

* Mon Apr 05 2010 Pavel Alexeev <Pahan Hubbitus info> - 0.2.1-6
- Port from Debian Patch1:		ccze-opts.diff. BZ#578958

* Wed Aug 11 2010 Seth Vidal <skvidal at fedoraproject.org> - 6-4
- conflict fedora-release

* Wed Aug 11 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> - 1.3-0.6.20100724git9a53dbd7
- Fixed all tests on EL-5
- New git snapshot

* Tue Jul 13 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> - 1.3-0.5.20100507svn159
- Fixed several tests on EL-5 (enough to allow CouchDB to pass its own self-tests)

* Tue Aug 10 2010 Steve Traylen <steve traylen cern ch> - 0.33-10
- Adjust perl-devel BR to build on .el4 and .el5 as well.

* Wed Aug 11 2010 Remi Collet <Fedora FamilleCollet com> - 1.3-3
- don't requires php but php-common (#577040)

* Tue Aug 10 2010 Nick Bebout <nb fedoraproject org> - 0.093-2.svn2101
- Update to znc 0.093.svn2101 to fix CVE-2010-2812 and CVE-2010-2934

* Tue Aug 03 2010 Nick Bebout <nb fedoraproject org> - 0.093-1.svn2098
- Update to znc 0.093 svn2098

Added Packages: 6
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 7

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