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Re: Bundle a newer version of a python library for a point release?

On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 19:58, Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net> wrote:
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> Here is the situation.  In EPEL6 we'd like to ship Trac 0.12.  This is
> the latest upstream release and since upstream tends to do db format
> changes between releases we'd like to start with the newest one and run
> with it.
> However trac 0.12 requires python-genshi 0.6, and RHEL6(.0) will ship
> with python-genshi-0.5.x.  I've put in an RFE to get that updated in
> RHEL6.1.  There is good chance, but not a guarantee that this will happen.

I think this is a very common case and trac should not get any special

RHEL6 will ship with a lot of components that will be already obsolete
on release date or a few months later.

I think that is just life.

My solution: I use RHEL + EPEL for all the packages I need, but don't
really care about that much, basically the basic plumbing. Then I add
Remis repository because he is tracking the newest PHP + MySQL.
Sometimes I also add rpmforge.

What I would love would be another repository which is EPEL (lets call
it ERPEL), but does not care about replacing RHEL packages. I am sure
the quality would be better than rpmforge and I might not even need
the Remi repository. After a few year this would make RHEL+ERPEL ==
Fedora though.


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