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Re: Upgrade hack for bacula in EPEL5

On Sun, Feb 07, 2010 at 07:56:52PM +0100, Felix Schwarz wrote:
> == current situation ==
> We can not update the bacula package (e.g. for security reasons)
> without breaking a lot of installs.
> == plan for attack ==
> The old package will remove the symlink generated by alternatives
> during %postun unconditionally (also during upgrade). Therefore we
> replace the symlink in the new package with a copy of the real file,
> alternatives won't touch it and the user is happy.
> After some time when everyone ("almost everyone") upgraded, we ship
> another update which reverts this ugly hack.
Most likely, we  would want the %postun hack to remain for the lifetime of
EPEL-5 (not sure if you want to carry over into EL-6 as well).  Other than
that, this looks sane.

> == current implementation ==
> I have a series of spec file patches which implement the fix:
> http://www.felix-schwarz.name/files/misc/2010/bacula_upgrade_hack/
> Also I built some test scripts which check some
> install/uninstall/upgrade procedures. I wrote at least some lines how
> to use them in 'how_to_test.txt'.

The tar files there are giving me permission denied but the approach sounds
like it's both worth doing and that you've got a plan that works as well as
anything dealing with replacing symlinks can.


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