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Re: Upgrade hack for bacula in EPEL5

On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 19:45:29 +0100
Felix Schwarz <felix schwarz oss schwarz eu> wrote:

> Am 08.02.2010 18:36, schrieb Toshio Kuratomi:
> > The tar files there are giving me permission denied
> [x] fixed
> I think I forgot to mention one limitation of the upgrade hack:
> bacula has several database backends - however these are not
> pluggable (e.g. dlopen/so file). Therefore we have packages like 
> bacula-directory-sqlite and bacula-director-mysql. Currently you can 
> have both installed in parallel but use just one of them (that's
> where the alternatives come into play).
> With the upgrade hack, the different db specific packages will
> conflict with each other. If a user has such a configuration he can
> not upgrade without removing one of the packages before.

That sounds like something to note to epel-announce when the package is
pushed out to stable. (ie, why it's happening and what to do to get it
working again). 

The hack seems fine to me... but I also think it should just stay
around in EPEL5 after it lands. You can get rid of it for RHEL6. 


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