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Re: xz branch for EL-4

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 12:48:27PM -0800, David Rees wrote:
> I see that xz is available for EL-5, but not for EL-4.  Would it be
> possible to branch xz for EL-4 as well?
> It would be useful to have that utility available there as well.  I
> did try downloading the el.5 source rpm, but it has a dependency on xz
> which keeps me from trying to build it there.
> FWIW, the upstream source did compile OK on an EL-4 machine I have.
Are you a Fedora packager?  I'm the EL-5 package maintainer for xz and I'd
be happy to have you maintain it in EL-4.  I don't have any EL-4 boxes so
I'm not too motivated to do so myself but I have absolutely no objection
with someone else doing it.

PS: The xz source is distributed as both tar.gz and tar.xz.  We're using the
xz compressed tarball which is why you can't build the rpm directly.  For
bootstrapping into EL-4, you can first build a release with the tar.gz
tarball and then build the next release with tar.xz.


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