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EPEL and Java Projects.


My group is looking at bringing our project into EPEL. Among the reasons for doing so is to provide our users with ABI stability. The project is a web service application that is built from a C++ coded back-end that is driven by user requests through a java servlet. The way that C and C++ projects are brought into fedora and along into EPEL seems pretty clearly documented, as are the ABI stability benefits that are part of EPEL design goals.

However I am seeing almost no discussion about the java side of the equation.

Can you point me to any specific documents or guidelines that would help me get educated on what the issues are with bringing a java project into EPEL? IS there any discussion of ABI stability with regards to Java? Or is API stability the only real issue for java?

I did find this page:


Where I learned that EPEL projects must follow the Fedora Packaging and Maintenance Guidelines, and which led me to this:


Which led me to this:


Where the details of including an ant project are discussed. However my core questions about ABI vs API stability vis-a-vis EPEL remain unanswered.

Additionally, the page on packaging java provides examples of "Specfile Templates". Is there also a resource to which you may direct me where I can learn about the format and role of the Specfiles in the RPM process?

Any help you could offer me in this regard would be most appreciated.



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Nathan Potter                        ndp at opendap.org
OPeNDAP, Inc.                        +1.541.231.3317

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