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Re: May I perform buildroot overrides for EPEL?

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 23:57:48 +0100
Till Maas <opensource till name> wrote:

> Hiyas,
> for a few days I have given permission to perform buildroot overrides.
> There was now a request for a buildroot override in all branches
> including EPEL. Therefore I wonder whether I should do these, too, or
> just ask to create a new ticket for EPEL?

I would say it would be fine for you to do them as long as you know
what you're doing. ;) 

Ie, the tags are named slightly differently in epel. 

We have: 

dist-5E-epel-testing-candidate -> newly built
dist-5E-epel-testing -> in testing
dist-5E-epel -> in stable
dist-5E-epel-override -> temp override for builds. 

We also usually keep the ticket open after making the request so the
submitter can tell us when they don't need it anymore, and we can untag
the override. :) 

If you would like to start doing them I have no objections. 


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