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Re: rkhunter doesn't remove suspscan tmp files in /dev/shm

On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 15:34:16 -1000
"Camron W. Fox" <cwfox us fujitsu com> wrote:

> Alle,
> 	We have installed rkhunter (V1.3.6-2) from EPEL on our RHEL
> 5.4 machines and it appears that it does not remove
> the /dev/shm/suspscan.* files it uses for the SUSPSCAN test, thus
> triggering a warning for said test. AFAIK, this was a known bug that
> was supposed to be have been fixed in V1.3.1.

It's best to file issues in bugzilla so you know the maintainer gets

In this case, I happen to read this list and maintain rkhunter, so I
can look into it. 

Are you sure the files are new? 
'rpm -q rhunter' returns what?

I can't duplcate this hear. I run it daily on a 5.4 machine and it's
never showing an issue. Just ran it again and it doesn't leave anything
in /dev/shm here. 

Perhaps you have an old config file? 

> Best Regards,
> Camron


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