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Re: nagios shipped by RedHat, but in a specific subscription channel

What channel is nagios shipped in?  If it's part of RHX (or whatever
that's been renamed to recently) it was desired to be out of scope
originally.  At the one of the last RH Summits (I am thinking Boston 2
years ago) we discussed RHX and working with ISVs on getting software
into EPEL rather than a separate shipping channel.  We never really
decided on anything though.

I guess we need more discussion on the specifics of nagios, but I do
wonder if we could revise the policy to be things covered in an AP
subscription.  Otherwise, it's makes the desirability of EPEL rather
low.  If I am running Enterprise Linux but don't have a good method to
get systems management tools, programming libraries and authentication
services, I probably wouldn't use EPEL for very long.  I'd switch to
something else.

EPEL was designed to pair with RHEL.  EPEL + RHEL should roughly match
the Fedora package collection. If it's RHEL + EPEL + Extra Channel1 +
Extra Channel2, ..... that's a difficult sell.  Some people see value
in support/subscription on layered products, and some do not.


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