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Summary/Minutes from todays EPEL meeting - 2010-01-15


Meeting started by nirik at 21:00:17 UTC (full logs). 

Meeting summary

Init process (nirik, 21:00:30) 
Status update on action items (nirik, 21:03:39) 
Moin - Any takers? (nirik, 21:07:20) 
EPEL swimming in the RHEL channels (nirik, 21:23:24)
ACTION: smooge will generate a list of packages that are not following our new current policy. (nirik, 22:03:43)
ACTION: dgilmore or nirik will block them. (nirik, 22:04:12)

Open Floor (nirik, 22:06:01)

Meeting ended at 22:16:12 UTC (full logs).

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