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Re: RFE: add buildsys-build to comps, add buildsys macros to epel-release

On Thu, Jun 04, 2009 at 09:53:55AM +0200, Till Maas wrote:
> On Wed June 3 2009, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> > On Tuesday 02 June 2009 02:38:53 pm Till Maas wrote:
> > > On Monday 01 June 2009 15:49:20 Jeff Sheltren wrote:
> > > > On May 26, 2009, at 5:08 AM, Till Maas wrote:
> > > There is one:
> > > http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/comps/comps-el5.xml.in?view=log
> > > I just created the buildsys-build group from the contents of the
> > > buildsys- build package I have. Btw. who maintains the package list for
> > > EPEL? I noticed it differs from the F11 one.
> >
> > It is maintainer managed the same as fedora.  if no one updates it that it
> > doesnt get updated.  if you want you packages listed its up to you to add
> > them.
> I meant the package list of the minimum build root. For the Fedora Collection 
> afaik rel-eng maintains it. Somebody is probably doing the same for EPEL.
> > > > > 2) Add the rpm macros from
> > > > > http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/buildgroups/rhel5/i386/buildsys-
> > > > > macros-5-4.el5.noarch.rpm
> >
> > im honestly not sure if we should add the macros to epel-release  it would
> > mean then that you must have epel enabled in your mock config to build for
> > EL-4 and EL-5. it would also mean that we need to have mock updated for all
> > active releases with new epel configs since the existing configs would be
> > broken. which would need to be tightly controlled. since epel-testing or
> > epel building would be broken during the stages of transition.  mock could
> > be useful for people building things for rhel but not epel.   if Red Hat
> > decides to add them to redhat-release or centos adds them to centos-release
> > we will end up with conflicts (im not aware of any plans to add them but im
> > not really in the know) however it is really the right place for them.   
> > though we could possibly get away with making the comps group require
> > epel-release and not buildsys-macros.
> I already made the comps group require epel-release and not buildsys-macros. 
> Also there is no need to remove the groups repo at the specified URL, 
> therefore nothing should break during the transisiton and also old configs 
> will still work. We can first update epel-release and once it is in stable 
> update the mock config files. The problem with conflicts between EPEL and 
> future releases of RHEL exists with every package in EPEL, therefore it is not 
> a big problem.

I just verified that at least the buildsys-build group is not synced to
mirrors. Can we somehow move forward on this?
If adding the rpm macros to epel-release is really a problem, can we
move the package to a proper EPEL repository instead? When I proposed
this long a ago for the Fedora packages, it was not done, because they
went away eventually. So if nobody complains, I will just create a new
package to get this done. But it would be really nice if this could be
managed by the people maintaining these packages, to keep them in sync.


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