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Re: Okay, how about this duplicate provides?

Once upon a time, Stephen John Smoogen <smooge gmail com> said:
> Well since it caught you.. I would say no. no is checking for this. We
> need to put it on the get-er-done list.

I guess I did ask an obvious question there, didn't I? :-)

I did a quick check, and it doesn't look like it is too bad at this
point.  At least one is a bug in a RHEL package (MRTG providing
SNMP_Session's perl modules).  Not including package conflicts (such as
perl-Net-Telnet), I see:

- GraphicsMagick-perl
  perl(Turtle) (RHEL: ImageMagick-perl)

- atlas
  liblapack.so.3()(64bit) (RHEL: lapack)

- perl-GraphViz
  perl(DB) (RHEL: perl)

- perl-POE-Test-Loops
  perl(Switch) (RHEL: perl)

- perl-Perlilog
  perl(UNIVERSAL) (RHEL: perl)

- perl-SNMP_Session
  perl(BER) (RHEL: mrtg)
  perl(SNMP_Session) (RHEL: mrtg)
  perl(SNMP_util) (RHEL: mrtg)
  perl(SNMPv1_Session) (RHEL: mrtg)
  perl(SNMPv2c_Session) (RHEL: mrtg)

- perl-XML-XPathEngine
  perl(XML::XPathEngine::NodeSet) (RHEL: perl-XML-Twig)

- perl-Test-Mock-LWP
  perl(HTTP::Request) (RHEL: perl-libwww-perl)
  perl(HTTP::Response) (RHEL: perl-libwww-perl)
  perl(LWP::UserAgent) (RHEL: perl-libwww-perl)

- perl-SOAP-Lite
  perl(LWP::Protocol) (RHEL: perl-libwww-perl)

I have filed a bug about perl-SOAP-Lite (BZ 557485), and I filed a bug
about RHEL's MRTG a couple of months ago (BZ 532556).  Some of these
don't show up as a problem because the EPEL package has a longer name
(so yum chooses the RHEL package first), but I would guess that's not
behavior to depend on.

Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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