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EPEL needs new packages for PostgreSQL 8.4 packages in RHEL5

Now that we have PostgreSQL 8.4 in RHEL 5.5 as a separate package set,
we need various updates to EPEL to satisfy dependencies for 8.4.

A bug was already filed for postgis. Other packages that comes to my
mind are:

* geos (Devrim)
* proj (Devrim)
* pgadmin3 (Devrim)
* mapserver (Devrim)
* postgresql-table_log (Devrim)
* postgreql-pgpool-II (Devrim)
* postgresql-ip4r (Devrim)
* postgresql-odbc (Tom)
* postgresql-jdbc (Tom)

These should be new packages, so a 84 suffix will be added to each
package. -jdbc and -odbc are not EPEL packages actually. Tom, would you
like to add new packages to RHEL repo, or?

I bet there will be more side effects of these packages, like grass,
gdal, rhdb-utils, 

Unless anyone objects or anyone presents another idea, I will create new
package review requests in bugzilla and get these new packages out of
the door.

PostgreSQL Danışmanı/Consultant, Red Hat Certified Engineer
PostgreSQL RPM Repository: http://yum.pgrpms.org
Community: devrim~PostgreSQL.org, devrim.gunduz~linux.org.tr
http://www.gunduz.org  Twitter: http://twitter.com/devrimgunduz

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