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policy clarification/thing with libtalloc and rhel5.5

I talked with Stephen for a while this afternoon about the
libtalloc/samba3x thing and my goal was to come up with a solution that

1. break the fewest people
2. require no acts of god to get something to change quickly mid-stream
in rhel5

So the solution to rebuild the special version of libtalloc 1.X that
samba3x requires as a temporary measure until rhel5.6 is released seems
like the best one.

It has the following advantage:
 - for people using samba3x AND having epel repos enabled - their
samba3x doesn't break
 - it doesn't require any sort of magical powers to fix rhel for an
EXTREMELY commonly used repo in the middle of a release
 - it means anyone who is already in the place where they have samba3x
installed and the libtalloc from epel they will be seamlessly upgraded
to a working version and not having things break when they DO start
using samba3x and they don't have to file a bug, have it closed as a
dupe and chase down the solution to nuke the newer one and issue an
- at no point in time does an EPOCH have to be involved.

seriously - this should just happen - I understand it goes against
various rules except it does follow the spirit of the rules which is:

1. don't break rhel
2. don't break using rhel and epel
3. don't break users who are just trying to get through their day

yay for not breaking users.


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