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Re: Request for policy clarification

On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 9:35 AM, seth vidal <skvidal fedoraproject org> wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-06-16 at 11:30 -0400, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> >
>> Policy is the rules under which people agree to work together.  When you
>> have policies that you simply ignore then you end up with people pointing at
>> your ignoring of policy as a valid reason for you to ignore policy.  That's
>> why I wrote the second stanze about changing policy.  when you update the
>> policy to reflect the realities that you face, then you make the policies
>> better for everyone who is trying to make better packaging choices.
> Right - we've had this discussion before.
> Rules have power b/c we give them to them. They are not empowered on
> their own.
> That is a political-philosophy question :)

How about we just keep ti to an etymological one. In the lingo of
RFC's, policies are MUST and guidelines are SHOULD. Who empowers them
etc can stay with this evenings argument on how many angels dance on
the head of a pin.

As it stands, we have written certain things as MUST and should
rewrite them as SHOULD or rewrite them altogether.

Stephen J Smoogen.
“The core skill of innovators is error recovery, not failure avoidance.”
Randy Nelson, President of Pixar University.
"We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things.""
— Herb Kelleher, founder Southwest Airlines

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