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epel beta report: 20100618 changes

Compose started at Fri Jun 18 15:59:25 UTC 2010

New package ejabberd
        A distributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server
New package glue-schema
        LDAP schema files for the GLUE Schema
New package hct
        A HDL complexity tool
New package perl-Apache-Session
        Persistence framework for session data
New package perl-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry
        A lightweight cache with timed expiration
New package perl-Class-Accessor-Chained
        Make chained accessors
New package perl-Class-Container
        Class::Container Perl module
New package perl-Class-ReturnValue
        Class::ReturnValue Perl module
New package perl-Email-Address
        RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
New package perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall
        Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN
New package perl-FreezeThaw
        Convert Perl structures to strings and back
New package perl-HTML-Scrubber
        Library for scrubbing/sanitizing html
New package perl-HTTP-Server-Simple
        Very simple standalone HTTP daemon
New package perl-IPC-ShareLite
        Lightweight interface to shared memory
New package perl-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon
        Extract translatable strings from source
New package perl-Module-Refresh
        Refresh %INC files when updated on disk
New package perl-Module-Versions-Report
        Report versions of all modules in memory
New package perl-Net-Server
        Extensible, general Perl server engine
New package perl-Regexp-Common
        Regexp::Common Perl module
New package perl-String-ShellQuote
        Perl module for quoting strings for passing through the shell
New package perl-Test-LongString
        Perl module to test long strings
New package perl-Text-Template
        Expand template text with embedded Perl
New package perl-Text-WikiFormat
        Translate Wiki formatted text into other formats
New package perl-Text-Wrapper
        Simple word wrapping perl module
New package perl-Tree-Simple
        Tree::Simple Perl module
New package perl-UNIVERSAL-require
        Require() modules from a variable
New package perl-Want
        Perl module implementing a generalisation of wantarray
New package perl-capitalization
        No capitalization on method names
Updated Packages:

* Fri Jun 18 2010 Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> - 2.0.1-1
- Update to 2.0.1
- Drop upstreamed log10 linking patch
- Drop redundant buildreqs pcre-devel and python-devel

* Fri Jun 18 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> 0.10.2-13
- Remove ldconfig invocation (no system-wide shared libraries)
- Removed icu-config requires

* Fri Jun 18 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> 0.10.2-14
- Massive spec cleanup

* Fri Jun 18 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> - 2.12-13
- Init-script enhancements (see rhbz #247001, #567141 and #575544)

Added Packages: 28
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 3

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