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Requesting testers for libtalloc 2.0.1-7.el5

As you may have read on this list, there has been a lot of discussion on how to address libtalloc in EPEL5, since RHEL 5.5 was released with an earlier version.

To summarize the problem briefly, libtalloc 2.0.1 (providing libtalloc.so.2) was released in EPEL5 during the lifetime of RHEL 5.4. At this time, no libtalloc existed in RHEL. However, when RHEL 5.5 was released, it included a subpackage of the samba3x SRPM that provided an earlier version of libtalloc (providing libtalloc.so.1).

The problem is that since the two packages are named the same, and EPEL5 was carrying a newer version, RHEL users would be upgraded to the EPEL version. This would cause compatibility issues with RHEL5, as the samba3x package relied on libtalloc.so.1, while EPEL5 features such as SSSD relied on libtalloc.so.1. This was also in violation of the standard policy of EPEL not to upgrade standard RHEL packages.

In the EPEL meeting today, it was decided that in order to resolve this issue for now, the following steps will be taken (as an exception to the currently-defined EPEL policy)*

1) libtalloc in EPEL will be updated to carry both libtalloc.so.2 and a compatible version of libtalloc.so.1 (built from the samba3x sources). 2) The libtalloc maintainer in EPEL (me) will work with the samba3x maintainer in RHEL5 to move libtalloc 2.x into RHEL proper for RHEL 5.6 (so this violation in policy will exist only during a single RHEL minor release)

I would like this package to see extensive testing before it goes to stable, so I would request anyone who is (or might wish to be) running samba3x to please test this package for incompatibilities with samba3x:

* Policy is being re-examined to handle similar issues in the future.
Stephen Gallagher
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