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What if I want to maintain ALL my packages on EPEL as from now on ?

Hello there,

It's been a while since I'm considering my commitment towards the FEL,
since Fedora (this distribution) 's 6months development cycle is
becoming a headache for me release after release.

I simply don't have time to fix issues related with compiler updates.
As a hardware engineer, this is not how I wish to spend my leisure
time. More than 90% of my FEL development time was about compiler
fixes than something related to its features. My current Fedora
packages are mostly for the microelectronics engineering, which
* a stable and long term support platform for the user
* and less distraction for me (less software update compatibility
nuisance) so that I have time to improve theses opensource EDA
software by actually porting Semiconductor Physics to software.

So here I am in front of the EPEL community, can I _only_ maintain my
>50 mature packages for EPEL only (and no support for Fedora anymore)
* which was developed more than 5 years ago and being currently used
in the industry
* which require few minor updates per year
* which some of them are already within the EPEL repositories
* which are in the fedora repositories for more than 3 years (for more
than 5 fedora releases) and being used by many small companies and
universities around the world.

------------ FROM http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/FAQ#Contributing_to_EPEL
Is it possible to get a package only into EPEL and not Fedora?
Simply go through the review process for Fedora and specify only EL
targets for the initial import. But note that maintaining packages in
Fedora has many advantages for you, you should consider maintaining
the package in both Fedora and EPEL.

However since I simply don't have the time to spend on politics and a
tight release cycle, my only options so that I can still improve the
existing EDA tools myself (as upstream) would be:
1* provide EPEL support only and no support on Fedora or
2* stop maintaining all my fedora packages and wait till someone cares
to take over

Can a packager like me opt only option 1 ?

If option 1 is possible for me, then if by the end of August noone
wants to maintain my packages for fedora 12 and onwards, I would mark
them all as dead packages and concentrate only for their respective
EPEL branches.

Chitlesh Goorah

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