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Re: Problems with libtdb/libtalloc

On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Ray Van Dolson <rayvd bludgeon org> wrote:
> I haven't had the time to truly dig into this (will file a bug once I
> do), but in light of recent discussion, thought I'd mention it.
> When using the latest samba3x packages from RHEL 5.5 in tandem with the
> libtdb/libtalloc packages from EPEL (which overwrite the RHEL provided
> ones), winbindd goes into some sort of endless loop, consuming much
> processor time.

Is this from the package in epel-testing or in epel default? If it is
the one in testing then we have another problem to look for.

> Only fix I've found is to "downgrade" to the RHEL provided versions of
> libtalloc/libtdb.
> Have seen this happen on at least two different hosts so far.
> Ray
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