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Re: EPEL6 When to go out of Beta?

On Mon, 15 Nov 2010 16:44:36 -0600
BJ Dierkes <wdierkes 5dollarwhitebox org> wrote:

> On the subject of point releases... but not exactly the same
> reasoning... I've brought up the idea of supporting EUS (z-stream) in
> the past which was more or less shot down.  Being that we are still
> in EPEL 6 beta times... I figure its worth asking again, is there any
> thoughts of supporting EUS?  Currently, if any RHEL users out there
> are using EPEL base on an older EUS point release (like 5.4z) ...
> some things have the potential to break (memcached due to libevent,
> etc).

Well, we don't even do point releases... this would be another layer on
top of those? So, EL-5.1z / EL-5.1 / EL-5.2z / EL-5.2 ?

> The reason I ask is... if we build out the capability to build
> against up coming point releases separately, how much more work would
> it be to keep older point releases around... allowing EUS users to
> access EPEL 6.x for packages that are built against their EUS point
> release.

About 2x as much? or more? 


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