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Re: python26 note

On Mon, Oct 04, 2010 at 08:35:00PM +0200, Mathieu Baudier wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
> > Reviewers and submitters of new packages welcome. :)
> I had to rebuild the following two packages so that they are python26 modules:
> python26-mod_wsgi
> http://elgis.argeo.org/repos/testing/5/elgis/SRPMS/repoview/python26-mod_wsgi.html
mod_wsgi will need some work above and beyond simply rebuilding so that we
can get the python-library-it's-built-against right.  When we add mod_wsgi
we'd have:


I believe that a later version of mod_wsgi can also be built against
python-3.x so then we'd also have python3-mod_wsgi

In Fedora we'd probably handle this with the apache config files that check
whether incompatible modules are loaded and if not, then load the module.

In EPEL, maybe you want to allow explicit Conflicts tags to take care of
this case?  (It would be a difference between Fedora and EPEL packaging
guidelines but it may make sense.)

> python26-virtualenv
> http://elgis.argeo.org/repos/testing/5/elgis/SRPMS/repoview/python26-virtualenv.html
Could you tell me why you need to have a python-2.6 version of virtualenv?
My use of virtualenv has been as a program rather than as a library.  As
a program, the python-virtualenv package should be able to create a python26
virtualenv just as easily as it can create a python24 virtualenv.


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