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EPEL Support and bug fixes, et al

During our weekly EPEL discussion of bugs, some conversation started
around EL4.  We realize there is still a significant EL4 population
out in the wild, but at the same time many of the open bugs are not
fixable, or not easily fixable given the versions of software

I wondered if we should attempt to mirror what Red Hat does with its
support for the enterprise product line.  The following link describes
how Red Hat handles support through the release cycle (7 years of
support) for a version of RHEL.  While EPEL may not want to mirror
exactly date-for-date, this might be a good baseline to look at when
considering how to handle bugs on older version of EL and EPEL.

I'd like to have much more discussion on this topic  from package
maintainers, bug fixers, and from EPEL users.

If you'd like to chime in, please do.



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