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Re: EPEL Meeting today: Proposed Agenda [2010-10-25 1930 UTC]


   1. Roll Call (tremble, 19:33:44)
   2. agenda (tremble, 19:35:09)
   3. Rubygem rack (tremble, 19:36:14)
         1. New version in testing, announce message sent, already has
positive karma (tremble, 19:37:16)
         2. Next on stahnma's ruby hit list... rails... (tremble, 19:41:05)

   4. Broken Deps in stable (tremble, 19:41:29)
         1. rack fixes the last of the ruby ones in epel5 (tremble, 19:42:00)
         2. need to weed out the centos/rhel artifacts still (tremble, 19:42:17)
         3. General consensus that we should tidy up stable, then look
at testing. (tremble, 19:44:45)
         4. ACTION: nirik will work on untagging/cleaning up deps as
possible this week. (nirik, 19:45:10)

   5. Buglist (tremble, 19:46:16)
         1. Currently stands at 189 (tremble, 19:46:45)
         2. If anyone wants help on bugs they should feel free to post
to the epel-devel mailing list or to ask on #epel and there's a couple
of us willing to lend a hand if possible. (tremble, 19:50:52)

   6. Conflicting packages policy (tremble, 19:51:38)
         1. packages shouldn't conflict. If that means you have to
configure it to use one over the other, note that in a README.fedora
(tremble, 19:53:08)

   7. EPEL support cycle (tremble, 19:58:05)
         1. People generally agreed we wouldn't go to a hard "no new
packages" policy for EPEL-5 as sooon as RHEL-6 is available. (tremble,

   8. open floor (tremble, 20:02:13)
   9. Open floor (EPEL-6) (tremble, 20:03:19)
         1. We need to think about when we want to leave "beta" state
and start requiring updates (tremble, 20:13:45)

Minutes (text):

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