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EPEL Meeting....

Of course what we forgot to do at the last meeting was rubber-stamp a
change of time.


Since 1930 UTC resulted in possibly the largest turnout we've had in
quite some time, I suggest we go for that again, book out
#fedora-meeting (just to keep Kevin happy) and sign off on it in the
meeting this "evening" as the first order of business

After attacking the EPEL queues a little, some fun things to bring up
at the meeting (they've been sitting unanswered in tickets for a
significant period of time)

ClamAV - Is currently FUBAR any kind soul willing to get it working again?

Qemu - Still overrides a RHEL binary

Packages to nuke ? :
python-suds - very knackered in E4
bugzilla - Many messed up deps in EL4 (ask for a reversion back to a
working version?)
bucardo - Needs package versions not available in EL5 (never worked)

Oh and on my actions from the last meeting attached is the rough
status (package, owner, built or unbuilt) of the EPEL packages, note
I'm aware that some of these are red herrings, but the numbers aren't
looking brilliant...


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