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Re: EPEL Meeting....

Status on items from 2 weeks ago.
 * stahnma will break dep emails up into 2 (one for stable, one for

Still doing this manually.  I haven't taken the time to fix this
really. I did send out an update today.

  * stahnma will mail maintainers of broken dep packages

Haven't started.

* stahnma to write down whiteboard process for bugs.

Talked to Tremble about it.  He has been cleaning up the bug list nicely.

* all to work on bugs and try and close at least 1/week. ;)

Closed at least one bug per week in the last 3 weeks :)

* stahnma will send an email to list about crazy BuildRoot error


No action items assigned last week according to meetbot.

I recall thinking we would go over broken deps and start pulling
package in stable that have broken deps.

I have been working on most of the ruby ones trying to fix them up.
It's a long journey.  The only package I think I won't be able to get,
at least for the time being, is ruby-dbus.  That can be


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