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Re: EPEL Meeting....

On 09/27/2010 11:23 PM, Mark Chappell wrote:
On 27 September 2010 22:31, Kevin Fenzi<kevin scrye com>  wrote:
On Mon, 27 Sep 2010 20:40:00 +0200
How about we spam maintainers one more time and do something like:

"We've noticed you haven't built your EPEL6 package(s) yet.

Since we would like to see a nice thriving ecosystem of packages, we
would like to mass orphan packages in EL6 that have not yet been built.
Then, interested folks could pick them up and build and maintain them.

If you intend to build, but just haven't had a chance yet, feel free to
re-take ownership of the packages or join back as co-maintainer."

Or is that too harsh?

I have no problems with harsh however, RHEL-6 isn't GA at this point,
I'd say that we spam them one last time with "Any packages not built
by the EPEL meeting on October 11 (date pulled from thin air) will be

Just remember that there are still packages missing from the EPEL builders, e.g. fftw, that are preventing other packages from being built.

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