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Re: 389 directory server stack for EPEL 6

On 04/25/2011 07:35 AM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Mon, 25 Apr 2011 07:22:27 -0600
Rich Megginson<rmeggins redhat com>  wrote:

On 04/22/2011 01:04 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Thu, 21 Apr 2011 08:40:05 +0100
Jonathan Underwood<jonathan underwood gmail com>   wrote:


I understand that the 389 directory server stack for EPEL6 hasn't
been pushed due to the anticipation that 389 will be included in
RHEL 6.1. However, i wonder if it would be possible to push the
389 stack to EPEL6 with an EVR such that when 6.1 is released the
packages are upgraded from EPEL to the RHEL packages? The reason I
ask is that it'll be a while before 6.1 releases of centos and
scientific linux are released (given that rhel 6.1 is currently
not released but in beta), and it would be nice to have a working
389 stack.
Well, I suppose, but that sure does sound like a lot of work. ;)

Since they don't conflict now, they could be added, but when 6.1 or
whatever comes out with them in it, we would need to mark them all
dead.package, block them, etc.
I'm the 389 maintainer.  I don't mind doing the work to create some
packages for EL6, but I don't want that work to be thrown away as
soon as RHEL 6.1 is released.  I'd rather come up with some long term
solution that will work on EL6, EL7, etc.
Any suggestions?  Note that certain solutions may be non-starters if
the change to the package name or layout is too radical - changes
that would make the docs obsolete or require massive changes, or make
dependent packages such as freeipa or dogtag fail.
Yeah, I think I understand what you are looking for, but I'm not sure
EPEL is a good match.

Perhaps something like http://repos.fedorapeople.org/ ?

You want something like a 'preview' or early adopters repo so folks can
get and test early before there are official packages right?

The other problem is that 389-ds-base can't build on EL6 yet - 389-ds-base now uses openldap - mozldap has been dropped from RHEL6 - openldap in RHEL 6.0 does not use NSS for crypto, nor does it provide an LDIF API (as does openldap in Fedora 14 and later, and RHEL 6.1 and later).

I'll look into



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