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qt-devel in EPEL?


I've tried to rebuild qmmp for RHEL6 in mock on Fedora 15 and 
I've found there's a little problem ... I'm getting qt3-devel 
installed, despite the fact that it buildrequires qt-devel >= 4.2

Trying scratch-build in koji ends the same:

However, rebuilding the same source package on my RHEL6 system 
goes without any problem - feeding the dependencies to yum 
manually, I get qt-devel-4.6.2-17.el6

# yum list qt-devel
Installed Packages
Available Packages

So new enough qt-devel is in the base RHEL-6 Server channel(*), 
why it isn't available in the buildroot? Any explanations, hints?

(*) also Workstation, Client Optional and ComputeNode Optional, 
just for the record


Karel Volný
QE BaseOs/Daemons Team
Red Hat Czech, Brno
tel. +420 532294274
(RH: +420 532294111 ext. 8262074)
xmpp kavol jabber cz
:: "Never attribute to malice what can
::  easily be explained by stupidity."

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