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clamav (again)


Last week at the epel meeting we talked about clamav and getting it
updated and maintained better. One of the issues that came up is that
folks would prefer a more understandable spec. That would help maintain
and keep it updated better. 

Toward that end I have: 


This is a package based on Dag's package from a while back and updated
for Fedora guidelines, etc. 

In some simple testing on epel5 and epel6 it works pretty well. It
upgrades the existing packages ok, with one exception: You need to
'mv /etc/freshclam.conf.rpmnew /etc/freshclam.conf' in order to get
freshclam happy. I'm not sure of a way around this, but if anyone has
one, I'd love to hear it. 

I mailed the EPEL maintainers of clamav last week and got one reply
saying the spec seemed fine, but nothing back from the other
co-maintainers. I'd like to set a time (say a week from now?) where we
just commit this new spec and push out updates for testing. 

Thoughts? Comments? Flames? 


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