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Minutes/Summary from today's EPEL meeting (2011-02-21)

#fedora-meeting: EPEL (2011-02-21)

Meeting started by nirik at 20:30:06 UTC. The full logs are available at

Meeting summary
* init process/agenda  (nirik, 20:30:06)

* Clamav  (nirik, 20:33:26)
  * LINK: http://www.scrye.com/~kevin/fedora/clamav/   (nirik, 20:33:45)
  * AGREED: a) everyone test who can, b) push to updates-testing, c) get
    feedback, d) mail epel-announce about it just before it goes to
    stable. d) profit  (nirik, 20:45:06)

* Wiki  (nirik, 20:45:13)
  * LINK: http://fpaste.org/m8kE/   (nirik, 20:45:55)
  * LINK: http://fpaste.org/WsWv/   (nirik, 20:49:03)
  * LINK: http://fpaste.org/B7Go/   (nirik, 20:53:49)
  * LINK: http://fedoraproject.org/awstats/fedoraproject.org/   (nirik,
  * LINK:
    lists pages...  (nirik, 21:02:09)
  * ACTION: nirik to finish archive list and get pages archived.
    (nirik, 21:07:00)
  * LINK: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Kevin/EPEL_Wiki_Redesign
    (nirik, 21:10:10)
  * ACTION: will try and get some folks working on wiki redesign in
    #epel later in the week.  (nirik, 21:11:31)

* open floor  (nirik, 21:11:36)

Meeting ended at 21:13:23 UTC.

Action Items
* nirik to finish archive list and get pages archived.
* will try and get some folks working on wiki redesign in #epel later in
  the week.

Action Items, by person
* nirik
  * nirik to finish archive list and get pages archived.
  * will try and get some folks working on wiki redesign in #epel later
    in the week.

People Present (lines said)
* nirik (78)
* smooge (35)
* nb (17)
* dgilmore (17)
* abadger1999 (9)
* zodbot (3)
* ricky (2)
20:30:06 <nirik> #startmeeting EPEL (2011-02-21)
20:30:06 <zodbot> Meeting started Mon Feb 21 20:30:06 2011 UTC.  The chair is nirik. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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20:30:06 <nirik> #meetingname epel
20:30:06 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'epel'
20:30:06 <nirik> #topic init process/agenda
20:30:06 <nirik> EPEL meeting ping abadger1999 rsc stahnma tremble dgilmore smooge nb maxamillion
20:30:18 * nb is here
20:30:19 * abadger1999 here
20:30:46 <smooge> Here
20:30:59 <nirik> I just had 2 items today... clamav status and then talking about/working on the wiki repave if we have time/energy.
20:31:36 <nb> hmm, i had thought you sent me a copy of your clamav
20:31:37 <dgilmore> nirik: ok
20:32:01 <dgilmore> nirik: i should test your clamav package
20:32:18 <nb> nirik, who would it have been from? kevin tummy?
20:32:21 <nirik> anyone have other items for agenda? or shall we start in with those?
20:32:23 <nirik> nb: yeah.
20:33:23 * nirik hears nothing, so drives on.
20:33:26 <nirik> #topic Clamav
20:33:36 <nirik> So, yeah, there has been some discussion on the list about this.
20:33:40 * dgilmore thinks we should just push  it out
20:33:45 <nirik> http://www.scrye.com/~kevin/fedora/clamav/
20:34:06 <dgilmore> i think we should maintain a list of packages we dont guarantee smooth upgrades on
20:34:44 <nirik> well, this should mostly be smooth.
20:34:48 <dgilmore> nirik: 0.91?
20:34:54 <nirik> no, the 0.97 one
20:35:05 <nirik> and the spec should be 0.97-2
20:35:18 <dgilmore> nirik: ahh ok all the binaries are 0.91
20:35:22 <nirik> did I fail to copy the latest srpm? humm...
20:35:43 <dgilmore> nirik: there is a 0.97 srpms
20:35:52 <dgilmore> but no binaries
20:36:18 <nirik> yeah, I think I just tested scratch builds.
20:36:26 <nirik> I can stick binaries there tho
20:36:35 <dgilmore> no biggie
20:36:37 <smooge> I think we can test it on pkgs and pkgs.stg
20:36:46 <smooge> after the freeze
20:36:59 <dgilmore> smooge: pkgs.stg can be tested now
20:37:04 <nirik> sounds good to me.
20:37:07 <dgilmore> pkgs we should not use as a test bed
20:37:10 <nirik> nb: you able to test/push the update?
20:37:19 <nb> nirik, sure i can do that
20:37:23 * nb can test on el6
20:37:25 * nb has no el5
20:37:32 <nb> but i can push it sure
20:37:37 <dgilmore> my mail server is el5
20:37:41 <dgilmore> ill test it there
20:37:45 <nb> dgilmore, ok
20:37:47 <nirik> I have heard nothing at all back from the other comaintainers of it in epel.
20:38:29 <dgilmore> i need to plan el6 migrations
20:38:40 <nirik> I tested on both el5 and el6
20:38:59 <nirik> the only gotcha was that you have to mv /etc/freshclam.conf.rpmnew /etc/freshclam.conf
20:39:01 <nb> nirik, dgilmore we are wanting this on el6 and el5?
20:39:08 <nirik> as the existing package has a different config for freshclam.
20:39:22 <nirik> I'd say so... el5 is also out of date and hard to maintain.
20:39:32 <nb> nirik, would it work if we moved it to %config instead of %config(noreplace)
20:39:35 <nb> for freshclam.conf?
20:39:39 <smooge> the following hosts run clamav on them: people, pkgs01 and hosted02
20:39:42 <nb> or idk, manual might be better
20:39:51 <smooge> I think people would be the only one we could do a 'test' on
20:40:06 <smooge> pkgs01.stg needs to be updated to match pkgs01 I think
20:40:13 <nirik> nb: if you can come up with a way...
20:40:16 <dgilmore> i think its enough to document in the update and changelog
20:40:28 <dgilmore> maybe a README also  but thats probably overkil
20:40:29 <dgilmore> l
20:40:39 <nirik> an announcement to epel-announce about it would be required I think...
20:41:46 <nirik> so, I would think: a) everyone test who can, b) push to updates-testing, c) get feedback, d) mail epel-announce about it just before it goes to stable. d) profit
20:42:48 <nirik> any objections to that plan?
20:42:56 <nb> +1
20:43:07 <nb> i'll try to get it built and update submitted in bodhi tonight
20:43:32 <nirik> nb: ok. There was still a concern on the list, but I haven't puzzled out exactly what he wanted...
20:43:42 <nirik> a empty db, but not sure why it mattered so much.
20:44:58 <nirik> ok, I guess silence indicates consent? ;)
20:45:06 <nirik> #agreed a) everyone test who can, b) push to updates-testing, c) get feedback, d) mail epel-announce about it just before it goes to stable. d) profit
20:45:13 <nirik> #topic Wiki
20:45:30 <nirik> So, I got busy and haven't done much on this in the last week again. ;(
20:45:52 <nirik> I got a list of *EPEL* pages... thanks to ianweller
20:45:55 <nb> nirik, your server must be getting hammered or something
20:45:55 <nirik> http://fpaste.org/m8kE/
20:46:10 <nirik> oh? downloading slow?
20:46:23 <nb> around 35k/sec
20:47:08 <nirik> I think we can ask to archive all the meeting and reports ones?
20:47:40 <nb> yeah
20:48:18 <abadger1999> +1
20:48:29 <smooge> I would say any page with a / should be archived.
20:49:01 <nirik> So, my archive list is:
20:49:03 * smooge should probably wait until the pain medicine cuts in
20:49:03 <nirik> http://fpaste.org/WsWv/
20:49:15 <nirik> smooge: yeah, by the end, yep.
20:49:45 <nirik> anyone have objections or additions to the above 'to be archived' list?
20:50:14 <smooge> one sec
20:50:38 <smooge> nirik add in #
20:50:38 <smooge> De DE/EPEL
20:50:38 <smooge> #
20:50:38 <smooge> De DE/EPEL/FAQ
20:50:38 <smooge> #
20:50:40 <smooge> De DE/EPEL/FrontPageContributors
20:50:42 <smooge> #
20:50:44 <smooge> De DE/EPEL/FrontPageStarters
20:50:46 <smooge> #
20:50:48 <smooge> De DE/EPEL/Über
20:50:50 <smooge> #
20:50:52 <smooge> EPEL
20:51:01 <abadger1999> I'd move the reports to Meeting: and the others to Archives: but it's not that important.
20:51:04 <nirik> well, the base EPEL page we need to re-write first.
20:51:16 <nirik> but yeah, not sure about those DE ones...
20:51:40 <smooge> I figure that since they will need to be retranslated
20:51:43 <smooge> they can go
20:51:49 <smooge> same with the japanese ones
20:51:58 <nirik> ah, good point.
20:52:48 * nirik adds those.
20:53:39 <nirik> ok...
20:53:49 <nirik> http://fpaste.org/B7Go/
20:55:14 <nirik> look ok to everyone?
20:56:46 <abadger1999> +1
20:57:22 <nirik> I can ask ianweller to archive/meeting them... :)
20:57:26 <abadger1999> Note -- some of those pages are redirects
20:57:49 <nirik> yeah, the other thing that might be good is to look at the stats...what pages do people hit often currently?
20:57:54 <abadger1999> And we don't want the redirected-to-page to go away
20:58:41 <nirik> wasn't there a webalizer running at some point?
20:59:43 <smooge> there was and it went unloved
20:59:50 <smooge> very very very unloved
20:59:51 <nirik> yeah. ;( gone now?
20:59:57 <smooge> it maybe its still there
21:00:07 <smooge> I will go look
21:01:05 <nirik> ah ha
21:01:07 <nirik> http://fedoraproject.org/awstats/fedoraproject.org/
21:01:37 <smooge> awstats
21:01:39 <smooge> oh wait
21:02:09 <nirik> http://fedoraproject.org/awstats/fedoraproject.org/awstats.fedoraproject.org.urldetail.html lists pages...
21:02:13 <nirik> can grep EPEL out of that
21:03:32 <nirik> none of the report/meeting ones show up
21:04:10 <nirik> only 9 EPEL pages show uip
21:04:52 <smooge> well then. we keep those 9 and archive the rest :P
21:05:16 <nirik> yeah. I will make sure none of those are on the archive list. ;)
21:05:46 <ricky> Not sure that that includes meetbot.fp.o
21:05:59 <nirik> yeah, I don't think it does.
21:06:07 <ricky> Looks like it's not tracked - shouldn't be hard to addd
21:06:45 <nirik> might be nice to see what meetings are popular... ;)
21:07:00 <nirik> #action nirik to finish archive list and get pages archived.
21:08:01 <nirik> so, I was thinking if we wanted we could work on some pages here if we had time... or if folks are busy we could just adjourn and I can try again to work on them this week.
21:08:58 <smooge> Today is busy. You have a time later this week you want to catch up?
21:09:24 <nirik> yeah, perhaps we could get some folks together in #epel later in the week to work on it.
21:09:32 <abadger1999> Sounds fine
21:09:34 <nirik> it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it I guess.
21:09:40 <abadger1999> What's the top page you'd like to work on?
21:09:49 <nirik> do we replace pages as we go? or should we mock up something and then swap it in?
21:10:00 <nirik> I think the main landing page and grow out from there.
21:10:10 <nirik> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Kevin/EPEL_Wiki_Redesign
21:10:12 <nirik> was my plan
21:10:20 <smooge> I would think mock up and replace
21:11:02 <nirik> ko.
21:11:14 <nirik> Anything more on wiki?
21:11:21 <smooge> not at moment
21:11:31 <nirik> #action will try and get some folks working on wiki redesign in #epel later in the week.
21:11:36 <nirik> #topic open floor
21:11:39 <nirik> Anything for open floor?
21:12:24 <abadger1999> not from me
21:12:51 <smooge> Frida is good for me
21:13:08 <nirik> ok, cool.
21:13:15 <nirik> Thanks for coming everyone...
21:13:23 <nirik> #endmeeting

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