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Re: clamav (again)

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011 15:58:04 -0500
Fred Wittekind <rom twister dyndns org> wrote:

> So did you install the newest clamav package from the EPEL repo then
> update it to the new package you are working on?  Or test with a older
> previously release EPEL package updated to the newest currently
> released EPEL package? 

This was the currently available EPEL one upgraded to my package. 

> I noticed your virus database moved locations after the update, I
> would be interested to know what the new spec file would do if you
> did a update with it, from one version of a clamav package based on
> your spec file, to a updated version based on the same spec file.
> (virus database not moving locations).

Yeah, probibly should move back to /var/lib/clamav. 

> I used Fedora 14 & Fedora 14 clamav packages for my tests (I think I
> stated this in my previous msg), figuring that since the existing EPEL
> package is based on the Fedora one, that it would be pretty close.  My
> production CentOS boxes are using packages based off the newest Fedora
> clamav package.  I'm lacking a non-production RHEL/CentOS 5 box for
> testing.

Ah, so this was a fedora14 clamav upgrading to a newer fedora 14

The current version in EPEL is based on the fedora one. 
Mine is not at all, it's based on the dag one, it's very different. 

> I do not know if the spec file you created will ever produce the
> behavior I was able to produce on my Fedora box when it's updated or
> not, but if can make sure the issue is addressed now (if it's
> present), it's one less bug report later.

Sure, good to get sorted. ;) 


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