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Re: [CentOS-devel] rhel-6 rebuild summary

Farkas Levente wrote:
i write this mail after more people ask me in private. and since the
centos core devel team not share any info about it's build system,
status, there modifications, doesn't have any public revision system
and not really accept any help or advice for outside.
but i still believe these are useful info for many others so i try to
summarize our rhel-6 rebuild experience.

- nss
can't be rebuild in mock since during %check try to connect to the
localhost to test ssl, but it's not working in mock. i suggest the above
solution plus ctrl-c during the rpmbuild when the build hang at the ssl
connection test and after the you'll got a successful build:-)

I tried this with both versions of nss currently out and do not get the hang on the ssl connection. I get a report of 5 errors and then rebuild ends since errors are greater than 0. I do not understand the significance of 5 errors out of 5000+tests.
- opal
has a wrong rh patch which cause ekiga not compile, so you've to fix
opal first.

- epydoc

My interpretation of the above two is not that the don't build, but they build with an error that cause other packages not to build. Is it your intent that we use these patched packages to replace the defective ones in our repository and then build ekiga or python-nss.
i hope it can help for a few poeple.

anyway happy xmas!

Thanks for your info I have now reduced my unbuilt packages down to 10. I haven't used all your patches yet so I expect to reduce them still further.

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