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Re: Updating waf to 1.6

in your fear, seek only peace
in your fear, speak only love
-d. bowie

On Sun, 16 Jan 2011, Thomas Moschny wrote:


just to let you know that I am going to update waf to 1.6.2 in rawhide and el-6.
waf 1.6 is not fully compatible with 1.5. A migration guide is
available here [1].

The following packages in Fedora have BRs set on waf:


but it seems only valide makes use of system's waf (and only once, in
%install), the other two always use their embedded copy of waf (and
also valide carries its own copy.) So in fact, that update shouldn't
cause any problems with these packages.

Would you be so kind as to file BZs against midori and xiphos indicating that they either need to switch to using system waf or file a Trac with FPC for an exception if there's a really good reason to bundle?



- Thomas

[1] http://waf.googlecode.com/svn/docs/wafbook/intro_waf_1.6.pdf

Thomas Moschny <thomas moschny gmail com>

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