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Re: Possible new maintainer

David Juran wrote:
> facter is part of the MRG Grid add-on and if I remember correctly
> (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/FAQ#Does_EPEL_replace_packages_provided_within_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_or_layered_products.3F)
> overriding packages from add-ons is not allowed. So if you do push
> this version, please make sure it won't override the version
> supplied by Red Hat.

Facter has been in EPEL for ages and I never paid any attention to
what version may be available in MRG.  I already pushed facter-1.6.0
to epel-testing.

I believe puppet is also in MRG, at something like 0.24.6, last time I
got a mistaken bug report about it via the Fedora EPEL product in

Are we really not supposed to override packages from places like MRG?
Is MRG available to CentOS and Scientific Linux users like other parts
of RHEL?

If this is the policy, has it changed recently or have facter and
puppet been violating it for nearly as long as they've been in EPEL?

As a maintainer, how can I check what versions are provided by MRG?

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